Watch Shark Tank TV Show: EPISODE S12 E13   Shark Tank    Season 12 Episode 13 “

Watch Shark Tank TV Show:EPISODE S12 E13 Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 13 “ CHECK OUT THIS GUYS HAT !!! One Shark Calls This the ˜Best Pitch Ever “ Shark Tank “ YouTube OR ANY OTHER EPISODE YOU WISH TO REVIEW. If you choose a different episode other than the one above you will need to be much more descriptive of the pitch the Sharks questions etc. Pick any one single product from any of the following presentations to watch and post discussion: Post to Discussion A very brief description of the presentation you have chosen How much $ the presenters asked for “ What was the Implied total value of their company. How do you think they got to that number? What number did the sharks get to? How much of the company did they offer for that? Did they get the money? What did you think? Would you have given them the money? Did you think they deserved it but didnt get it etc. Focus on the business and finance issues not did you think the product was something you would use or not. Tell me more about the business deal and less about the concept. Respond at leasttwice to someone elses post Grade totally subjective by me/Bo

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