Visit the Gemaldegalerie, in Berlin, on Googles Arts & Culture platform. Explor

Visit the Gemaldegalerie in Berlin on Googles Arts & Culture platform. Explore the different works of art on display. Many paintings begin with sketches. The placement of figures and props is planned out this way as well as working on scale and balance. From the collection select two paintings that you think exhibit great drawing ability and respond to the series of questions provided to explore them in depth. 1. Describe the two works by providing the following information for each. a.Who is the artist? Work 1: Work 2: b.What is the title of the work? Work 1: Work 2: c.When was the work created? Work 1: Work 2: d.What medium was used (e.g. oil acrylic)? Work 1: Work 2: e.How large is the work? Provide dimensions. Work 1: Work 2: f.Is the work realistic? Abstract? Work 1: Work 2: g. What is happening in the painting? Work 1: Work 2: 2. Compare and contrast the two works of art by exploring how drawing could have affected their creation. a. How would each painting have differed without preliminary sketches? Work 1: Work 2: b. How would the feeling of the work differ had the final product been a drawing instead of a painting? Work 1: Work 2: c. Identify items and figures that are emphasized in each work. How was this accomplished? Do you think drawing out the composition strategically first made that emphasis more successful? Work 1: Work 2: d. Describe the scale and proportion employed in each work. Work 1: Work 2: 3. In more recent times drawing has become more respected as fine art in its own right most notably on a large scale. The art of drawing has also greatly expanded exploring new techniques and materials. How do you think that relates to changes in culture and in the uses and opinions of art in general over time? 4. Recall your initial reasons for selecting the two works. a. What were your first impressions? b. Do you think looking at the painting as a result of its preliminary sketches is productive? Why or why not? c. How have your impressions changed after you looked at the two works closely? Link of Gemaldegalerie –

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