ver the past decade, Burger King Corporation has engaged in various forms of cre

ver the past decade Burger King Corporation has engaged in various forms of creative marketing often guerilla marketing that has pushed the envelope on what may be deemed as socially acceptable and sometimes legally permissible. This past summer Burger Kings ad agency ran another campaign using the Twitch video streaming platform. This prompted a lot of confusion and outrage among Twitch users (both streamers and participants in streaming channels). Some believe Burger Kings marketing and advertising approach her violating contract law and possibly Federal Trade Commission law. Review the following weblinks and provide your reasoned thoughts on these claims (feel free to cite external sources/websites)- Burger King Sparks Outrage Possible FTC Violation After Hijacking Twitch Donations For Ad Campaign: FTC .com Disclosures for Digital Advertising: Twitch Contractual Terms of Service:

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