Use these sources:  1. Allen Guelzo, In Defense of the Electoral College. Nati

Use these sources: 1. Allen Guelzo In Defense of the Electoral College. National Affairs (Winter 2018). In Defense of the Electoral College | National Affairs(Links to an external site.) 2. Darrell M. West Its time to abolish the electoral college. Brookings Institute (15 October 2019). Its time to abolish the Electoral College ( to an external site.) Then respond to the following items: Evaluate the arguments made by Guelzo and West. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments that each makes regarding the electoral college? Who do you think makes the better argument? Please explain. Whether you would like to see reform to the electoral college or not why do you think that the delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787 designed the electoral college as the means to select the President and did not opt for election by majority vote? Were the delegates misguided at the time or have circumstances changed thus meriting a change? Or should the electoral college be preserved? Please explain.

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