Discussion 1: We have two questions in our discussion this week.1- How does soci

Discussion 1: We have two questions in our discussion this week.1- How does socioeconomic status determine family functioning?2- What is the role and effect of cultural values and public policies on the overall well-being of children and the family?Assignment 1: Develop a chart or diagram that will illustrate how prenatal development is influenced by environmental or genetic factors. Creativity is strongly suggested. There is no requirement for APA format in this assignment. There is no requirement of references for this assignment.Discussion 2:As infants are developing, the parent is there to help and support the child’s growth and learning. Please answer both parts within your discussion posting. 1- What do you see as the most important things that parents can do to help their children at this point in their lives?2- Next, classify those things from question one into operant or classical conditioning, habituation and recovery, or imitation. Then describe how those activities support the child’s development?Assignment 2:In a five paragraph essay (600 minimum words) using your favorite theorist, apply that theory to brain development as it was discussed in our readings. You may also include the impact of culture, early physical growth, and similar factors that impact the overall development of the child.Discussion 3: There are three questions within our forum this week.1- Discuss environmental influences on early cognitive development for infants and toddlers.2- What are notable differences for at-risk infants and toddlers?3- How would culture differences impact this early cognitive development?Assignment 3:Develop a lesson plan for a preschool using Vygotsky’s ZPD. In an evaluative paragraph, describe how these lessons would be explained by Piaget using his view of development. Use of APA format for this assignment is limited to references only.
Requirements: 250 discussion

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