Learning Goal: I’m working on a history project and need an explanation and answ

Learning Goal: I’m working on a history project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Paper Length: 2-3 pages, typed double-spaced (about 600-900 words)Purpose: To give you practice in close reading of a primary source, a skill that is one of the most important building blocks of historical research and for critical assessment of texts in general.Assignment: Discuss a single theme in one of the primary sources we have read for this course, listed below. DO Identify a key theme or angle within the text, for example, Martin Luther’s views on free will. Have a clear thesis. Your thesis should be about the source¸ not some larger question such as why the Reformation happened. It may help to think of this as an English paper, as this requires the same sort of close-reading technique. Base your paper entirely on your source, using lots of short quotations to support your points.DON’T Repeat lecture material or general context. This should be strictly limited to a sentence or two at most. You may assume your reader already knows the basic outlines of early modern history.Citations: For this paper, you can simply refer to your source by author and title in parenthesis. For example: Luther, “Freedom of a Christian”Sources you may use:Condemnation of Wycliffe; Wycliffe, ReplyMartin Luther, “Freedom of a Christian”NEW: Luther, “To the Christian Nobility”Galileo, Letter to Duchess ChristinaGrading RubricThesis statement: is it clear, accurate, and appropriately located near the beginning of the paper? Is it about the source, not about history in general? 30%
Supporting evidence: are there at least 2-3 examples, with direct quotations or close paraphrases, from the text? Do they support the thesis? Are they explained clearly? 30%
Is the paper organized to move the argument forward, with appropriate transitions and summary statements? Paragraphing appropriate? 20%
Is the language well-chosen and appropriate in tone? Spelled and punctuated correctly? Written in standard academic English? 20%
Requirements: 2-3 pages

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