Learning Goal: I’m working on a fitness multi-part question and need an explanat

Learning Goal: I’m working on a fitness multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Here, we are looking at individuals who are struggling with anxiety, stress, and perhaps, self-esteem or self-worth issues. Initially, there is a personal component to this assignment where you are asked to complete a profile of mood state and a STAT inventory. These two inventories are designed to give you with an idea of what it is like to both administer and take psychological inventories—to give you a bit of perspective of where you fall within both stress and self-worth kinds of issues.The second component of this assignment, which is more programmatic, asks you to select an individual who is struggling with anxiety, stress, maybe feelings of low self-worth or self-efficacy. This is the first assignment that is asking you to refer back to the Achievement Motivation model. We’re going to apply the first portion of that model to this assignment. That means, here, you are asked to explain the why of that selection; why is that individual choosing to participate in this activity? That’s really important, students, because it makes a very, very big difference if that individual is there because others are requiring them to be there or if they are choosing to participate in this activity by their own free will or their own interest.First, you have to apply some thought to that and come up with an answer as to why that individual is there. You will then describe the attensional needs, the focus challenges, perhaps, the sense of intrinsic motivation versus extrinsic motivation which ties back into why the individual chooses this activity. You will explain the individual’s self-worth, self-efficacy. Finally, you will make recommendations on how or what kind of strategy is best to help the individual deal with the anxiety, stress, or perhaps, the heightened sense of arousal at inappropriate times for learning or performance.Again, in ALL assignments, APA documentation, meaning in-text citations and matching references are required.Please let me know if you have any questions about this assignment.(Text for above video is located at the bottom of the page)After thoroughly reviewing readings, lecture notes, and websites, complete the following assignment:Complete, score, and submit the Profile of Mood States (found in the Content Section), and complete and submit theSCAT anxiety measure at this websiteYou are completing these inventories for yourself, a self- study.After carefully reviewing the Achievement Motivation model and information, create a comprehensive plan for an individual that is struggling with anxiety and stress, lacks self-esteem, and generally has low performance expectations. How are you going to help this individual improve their self-esteem, self-worth and ultimately, self-confidence?Provide an explanation and recommendations for the following components of this model and use these bullets as headings:The why of selection, Aspirations
Attentional Needs and focus
Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation
Self-worth, Self-efficacy
Anxiety, Stress, Arousal
Requirements: 5 pages

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