Learning Goal: I’m working on a english multi-part question and need an explanat

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Write a 250-500-word press release that conveys the main ideas of a peer-reviewed scientific journal article to the public.Before beginning this assignment read the following examples (located in the topic materials) to become familiar with writing a press release:“Muir Woods Reservation System EA”
“Muir Woods Reservation System Environmental Assessment Review Period” [Press Release]
“Does High-Dose Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Prevent the Evolution of Resistance?”
“What Dose of Medication Is Best to Prevent the Evolution of Drug Resistance?” [Press Release]
You can also look for other models of press releases for new peer-reviewed scientific research to help you better understand how to write a press release. Scientific journals or publishers of those journals often have a press release section on their websites. Your press release should generally read as they do and be of a similar length.Ask yourself the following questions to familiarize yourself with the genre of a press release for scientific articles: What are the features of a press release? What, typically, is its organization and structure? What content might be expected? In what style should it be written? What writing strategies might a publicist employ for a press release?Assignment Background. Imagine you have just been hired as the communicator for an important publisher of scientific research. The editor of the journal has asked you to write a press release for a new piece of research. You have not written a press release before. You were hired on the strength of a long-form essay you wrote that appeared in The Atlantic last year. But you are sure you can handle it.Assignment Directions. Write a press release for a scientific research article by doing the following:Find and select an academic research article on a scientific topic for which you could write a press release.Thoroughly study the scientific article so you are familiar with the key aspects of it.Write a 250-500-word press release that conveys the main ideas of the article to the public. Persuasive elements common to the writing of press releases should be used in the hope that it will attract journalists to report on it.Make sure to follow ethical guidelines when communicating the science’s ideas.Conform to the expectations of the genre of “press releases for scientific articles” as you write
Requirements: 500 total

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