Description Please a topic from the below list and create a one-page essay answe

Please a topic from the below list and create a one-page essay answering the question noted below. Define the IT organizational structure and how the IT organizational structure impacts culture and change management practices. Additionally, how does the organizational structure impact competitive advantage?
How do you define operational excellence? What factors are involved in achieving operational excellence? Who (within an organization) is responsible for operational excellence and why is this important?
** Please note do NOT write an introduction, rather just answer the selected question noted above. This is a test of both knowledge and your ability to be succinct in messaging**
Choose a topic from above and use at least one reference (two is better). Do NOT use direct quotes, rather rephrase the work and utilize in-text citations. Ensure the submitted work is in APA format. Also, ensure to NOT COPY DIRECTLY from any source (student or online source), rather rephrase the author’s work and use in-text citations where necessary.The essay should be one-page at most (double spaced) and should include an APA cover page and at least one reference in APA format. Note: The content portion does not include the cover page or the references.
NOTE: i need minimum of 3 pages excluding the introduction & the reference page.
Requirements: 3 pages

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