This is for a written response. First, you’ll read about two texts which explore

This is for a written response. First, you’ll read about two texts which explore the new culture of learning and new ways of thinking about learning that has emerged from the Web 2.0 suite of tools and practices.The first piece on the new learning culture provides examples that hopefully clarify the ideas of participation and individual initiative mentioned in the last week’s texts. Next, the piece on Connectivism presents some ideas about how the notion of information and knowledge has changed. Finally, the video presents a compilation of ideas and thoughts from diverse educators and thinkers around how 21st-century learners and learning can be addressed.As you read these texts and watch the video, note how definitions of “learner,” “teacher,” and “learning” are presented. Then, think about how they might differ from your prior conceptions of “learner,” “teacher,” and “learning.”Video: The readings are attached:… and… also attached the PDFs of readings.Please react to any aspect of the texts and media resources that you found interesting/thought-provoking. And answer these questions:How do the texts envision a new framework or ecology of learning? That is to say, what are the basic tenets or requirements of new learning environments?Which aspects of the theories and perspectives put forward by the authors most resonate with your own view of learning; conversely, which aspects do you find more challenging to reconcile with your view?You are welcome to include your opinions, ideas, etc. along with answering,The response must be minimum four detailed and coherent paragraphs. You can write more if you wish.u wish. VideoVideo:
Requirements: I need it within 5 hours. Whatever you put time, I need in 5 hours   |   .doc file

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