There are 2 responses. Write a 100 word response for each one.Response 1.) Laure

There are 2 responses. Write a 100 word response for each one.Response 1.) LaurenResearch from the past tells us the growth of businesses on a smaller scale holds an important role in the growth of economics. The article was very informative giving us readers a combination of information from three different studies. These studies explained the relationship between the growth in small businesses and what motivates entrepreneurship. The results from the combined studies showed that entrepreneurs who are opportunity-based shows a positive association with the growth in business. The results also showed that a necessity-based entrepreneurs are negatively associated with the growth of business. The results help us understand why some business owners can achieve the business growth that they desire.Prasastyoga, B., Leeuwen, E., & Harinck, F. (2021). Tomorrow is another day: How motives of entrepreneurship relate to the pursuit of business growth. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 70(3), 1184–1208.…Response 2.) JeromeMapping the relationship between transformational leadership, trust in leadership, and employee championing behavior during organizational change.According to Gilley (2009), the behavior of employees plays an important role in managing organizational change. The energy and mood of employees often come from uncertainty during and after the change process. During this process, leadership plays a vital role in this process. Specifically, transformational leadership is the most qualified approach to address the behavior of uncertain employees. The transformational leadership approach is the most suitable style to nurture follower’s attitudes in the context of organizational change (Sharma & Krishnan, 2012). A Transformational Leader is very influential when it comes to getting employees to buy in. The article, mention CB (Champion Behavior) as an enthusiastic driver for promoting change in the organization. Gilley, A. McMillian H.S. (2009). Organizational change and character acteristics of leadership effectiveness: Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies (1), p. 39-47., V.R. (2012). The impact of pay satisfaction and transformational leadership on an employee who engagements. International Conference of Management and Behavioural Science.
Requirements: 100 words each

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