Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Essay 1: Your essay must begin with a 1-4 sentences of context. Then introduce the reading; this means giving the author, title, genre and a summary of about 2 sentences. End your first paragraph with a thesis about how the essay makes readers think about humor and their own life. Then in the body join the conversation that the reading began (school, education, teachers, second languages, depression, insomnia, family, medical issues, idols, etc.) First, discuss some aspect of the reading’s humor. Use at least two quotes from the essay. Then connect the topic of the essay to your own life. At this point you are writing your own mini humorous personal essay. Your body will be 3-5 paragraphsIn the short conclusion, connect the writer’s experience and yours to the broader world. The last page will be a Works Cited page with the humorous essay(s) that you used and any articles about humor the you quoted. NOTE In the context , start with a joke or explain humor , comment on humor , quote , question .Background: “ document sleepless in Seattle “ make sure u include background information about sleepless in seattle (the 2 documents attached: 1 is the story and 1 is the summary) Thesis .Short conclusion connect with the writers experience with my own.The context should relate with the essay ill be writing about , it should link all together and connect..————————————————————————————-Requirements: 1) Approximately 800 words; you can always go over, but don’t go under. 2) Logical and correct MLA reference to one or more of the readings 3) MLA formatted header 4) Works Cited 5) Standard Written English 6) Introduction, body paragraphed naturally, and a conclusion 7) Personal and public in nature: a self-sufficient essay with clear ethos
Requirements: 800 words

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