One goal of “Foundations of Public Health” course is to introduce students to th

One goal of “Foundations of Public Health” course is to introduce students to the Ten Essential Public Health Services. Additionally, we want to encourage each student to explore public health issues that interest them. For this assignment students will be asked to identify a peer reviewed article, develop skills of academic writing, apply one of the essential public health services, and use a standardized style (APA Style) in their writing.AssignmentSelect an article that addresses a topic that interests you and incorporates at least one of the 10 Essential Public Health Services. Note: This may not be explicitly stated in the article, but you will be asked to justify your selection.In your reflection paper, please address the following:1. Provide a one paragraph summary of the article using your own words, also describing the type of article and the target audience.2. Briefly discuss the public health issue being addressed.3. Identify and define the public health service being applied, and discuss the importance of the service in general and as it applies to your topic.4. Discuss some questions or ideas raised by the article that could be explored further. The paper should be three pages double-spaced pages and follow APA style guidelines, including parenthetical citations and a reference list. Please submit your paper here. The assignment will be assessed using the reflection paper rubric below.
Requirements: 3 pages

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