Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical multi-part question and need gu

Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical multi-part question and need guidance to help me learn.1. what has been your perception of disability. Please respond in 2-3 sentences2.In 2-3 sentences, state whether or not you believe the ADA legislation is enough in current times. If not, what needs to be addressed?3. Ableism Based on what you read, provide an example of how one of these topics translate into your world? What have you not noticed until now?Ableism DefinedYou are most likely familiar with terms such as racism and sexism. However, one term that is less known outside of the disability advocacy realm, is the term ableism. Ableism is discrimination or prejudice against individuals with disabilities. It is the belief that people with disabilities are inferior to those without disabilities. This -ism is based on the medical model which implies that people with disabilities require fixing, and are, therefore, “less than.” People with disabilities encounter ableism on a daily basis on a variety of fronts. Examples include:Accessibility being considered an “option”
Legislation that does not have disability in mind
Noncompliance with disability rights laws
Events being held at non-accessible venues
Strangers feeling entitled to ask questions about one’s disability
Segregation of people with disabilities in educational and living arrangements
Low employment rates of people with disabilities
Being presumed as non-sexual beings
Being thought of as helpless or as a burden
Being hailed as inspirational simply because of their disability
This is not an exhaustive list. It barely scratches the surface. As you continue on in this book, you will begin to reflect on your own community, events that you attend, and day-to-day activities you participate in. If you familiarize yourself intimately with the concept of ableism, you will most no doubt discover ableism around you.
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