Learning Goal: I’m working on a nutrition discussion question and need support t

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nutrition discussion question and need support to help me learn.***I have attached a list of acceptable sources of information****The Nutrition Quackery Forum: Spotting Nutrition ScamsWelcome to the Nutrition Quackery Forum. Follow these directions for posting your thread:FIRST, find a “questionable” nutrition or food related commercial website that promotes a product or nutritional advice guaranteed to improve our health. Evaluate the website for validity. Many of these websites offer information that justifies its claims with little or no scientific research to back them up. Some websites of this kind will cite research studies but fail to provide access to the original source, or misinterpret the results of a particular study to support their own viewpoint or sell their own product. Explain why you feel this product or website lacks authenticity or fails to provide a scientific basis for claims madeNEXT, find a nutrition-related product or a health information site that you feel is legitimate – that is, the information it contains is based on scientific research that is fully documented, with full disclosure and of the scientific research that supports its claims. Explain why you believe this information or product is valid.Finally, be sure to include the URL for both sites so that the readers can review them as well. Remember: to get full credit for your post, you must have two products or health-based websites to compare: one representative of fraudulent claims or misinformation, and one that is validated by scientific research from a credible, unbiased source. Your discussion should clearly state the differences between the two.
Requirements: 1 page to 2 but no more then that

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