you can open the project 1 2,3 then you can do project 4 just only write 2 pager

you can open the project 1 2,3 then you can do project 4 just only write 2 pagers it is well Thank you Ongoing professional development is critical for many reasons, including learning new skills for career growth. It also helps employees keep their skills and knowledge current and enables them to do their jobs better, benefitting the company. This section of the training manual of your portfolio should help let employees know why professional development is important and how one could pursue it.1) In your own words, write about why employees should pursue professional development. Provide at least 3 reasons. Also, include at least ONE brief story as an example of a company employee who took professional development courses and was able to grow his/her career. 2) List your company’s professional development requirements. Include the following:· Amount required with deadline(s): Decide how to calculate this (i.e., Time? Credits? Another way?)· Types of appropriate professional development activities. Formal or informal training? Which formats? List at least THREE. · How employees will show they gained knowledge from their professional development activities 3) Briefly explain at least THREE ways employees can find professional development opportunities. Consider a variety of methods for developing and improving job skills. (i.e. Traditional college classes, online courses, etc.)
Requirements: good

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