The following is an example of a satisfactory answer to a closing case question.

The following is an example of a satisfactory answer to a closing case question. It is written as an outline of my personal response to the question posed. Hopefully this will help you better understand how to crisply and powerfully answer the closing case questions. This example is taken directly from the FedEx Closing Case in Chapter 1 of the textbook:Question: Why has FedEx been so successful in Asia?
Answer: Your response could begin with a powerful first sentence such as: Fedex has achieved success in Asia by implementing an Asia expansion strategy that included investments in acquisitions, innovative technology applications, and supply chain process improvements.You would then need to support this assertion. You would examine the text write-up on FedEx for evidence that supports the assertion that FedEx has successful strategic initiatives in Asia with examples such as: the purchase of Tiger International’s access to Asian airports and their management team’s familiarity with Asian countries, the purchase of Tanjin Datian W Group’s trucking fleet and distribution hub for access to secondary Chinese cities, their investment in country-specific Information technology systems for shipment tracking, and, finally, their Asian supply chain service initiative to reduce operating costs and expedite quicker delivery. While this evidence might be considered anecdotal and is not quantified, it would certainly serve as support to the assertion that FedEx is successful in Asia..
Requirements: 150

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