Learning Goal: I’m working on a english project and need support to help me lear

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english project and need support to help me learn.It is a single assingment, but it is divided into three parts, and I want each one of them separate from the other. I put the numbers on them. 1Sign up for a topic using this Google Document and write your selected topic in this assignment textbox entry.Pick something that interests you. If you do not find a topic listed in the provided Google Document that interests you, use your Coleman textbook for generating an idea for your topic and write it below in the textbox entry. Topics can relate to parenting, family involvement, working with diverse cultures, or topics related to promoting well-being. NOTE:Only one student per topic.Topics should be something that relates to your Coleman textbook and topics discussed in this course.You may not use the same topic from your WRT 3001 course.You may not choose a topic related to families with disabilities/special needs. Topics related to children with disabilities will be covered in CDV 3055. You may not choose a topic related to nutrition. Topics related to feeding, nutrition, health and wellness will be covered in CDV 3025.Overview of Parent Handbook & Workshop Assignment Due Week 82An important part of this course is fieldwork and observations. For this assignment you will be communicating your preference and intention for in-person or virtual observations and fieldwork. In-Person Option: If you are planning to complete in-person observations, please enter the name of the center your or proposed location for field experience and your name in the textbox provided. (Example: Sunshine Preschool, Sally Student) Virtual Option:If you are planning to complete virtual observations through the PLNU Early Childhood Learning Center’s Virtual Plaform, please complete the confidentiality agreement statement on the ECLC Field Experience Course in Canvas. This will give you access to the observation videos you will be using to complete your field virtual experience for this course.Once you have read and signed the statement, please enter your intent to complete virtual fieldwork, your name and the date you completed the statement in the textbox provided. (Example: ECLC Virtual Field Experience, Sally Student, 9/1/2020)3The APA Publication Manual outlines recommended formatting for drafting academic writing. For the Organizational Leadership program, you will use proper APA formatting, style, and usage for all major writing assignments.View the general APA format from the OWL OF PURDUE website, or visit the APA websiteLinks to an external site. for further information on formatting. For step-by-step directions, watch this video on setting up your APA template in Microsoft Word: You may also use this sample APA Research Paper Template Download APA Research Paper Template as a guide.Create and submit your personal APA paper template. While you do not need to write an actual paper, please include some text where appropriate to confirm that your spacing is correct. Additionally, please include at least one sample reference, again to confirm correct spacing. Your template should include:Title Page:Page Numbers
Title of Paper (place in bold)
Student Name
Name of Degree Program, Academic Affiliation
Course Number and Name
Name of Instructor
Assignment Due Date
Abstract Not Required Main BodyPage Numbers
Title of paper at top of Page 2 (place in bold)
Proper Spacing
*Insert at least two sentences of generic text so that accuracy of margins can be assessed.ReferencesPage Number
Heading (place in bold)
Proper Hanging Indentation Format
Insert a reference to show hanging indentation as well as accurate margins and spacing.
Requirements: you can find in assingments   |   .doc file

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