The Case Analysis OutlinePlease select a company for your Integrated Project by

The Case Analysis OutlinePlease select a company for your Integrated Project by the end of Week 1 (August 25) subject to the approval of the instructor. The companies selected for analysis must be public companies for which there are published data.Such data are available from the company’s annual reports, journals, magazines, periodicals, Internet, and industry analysis. All case analyses must adhere to the following conventional format:1. Introduction: brief summary of the firm, officers, industry and location; and the purpose of the project.2. Problem Identification: major problem(s) to be resolved-use the 4Ps model.3. SWOT Analysis: strengths; weaknesses; opportunities; threats.4. Alternatives: strategic options-solutions to the problem(s) identified.5. Analysis of Alternatives: cost/benefit analysis of the solutions identified.6. Recommendation: best/optimal solution based on the cost/benefit analysis.7. References: 5 Citations must conform to current APA citation guidelines. Find examples at: Paper RequirementsPlease review and follow the Case Analysis outline and format. Please use the Grading Rubric as checklist to ensure you have fully addressed all critical elements of the Integrated Project.Length: 10 pages; title page and reference page do not count toward the total.
Title page including the name of your paper, your name, and a paper abstract (this is a brief summary of your paper; around 150 words).
Paper section:An introduction that clearly introduces your firm and the goal of the paper.
The main body of the paper should clearly describe your findings and your suggestions.
A conclusion that summarizes and emphasizes your contribution.
The paper should be double spaced with times new roman font (size 12), 1 inch margins and justified text.
You should cite all sources that you use for data and analysis.
Resources should be cited on a reference page using APA 7th Edition format:…
Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar.
Additional resources are available from scholarly journals (these can be found through the ECO database through First Search on the library research page or JSTOR), scholarly books, government publications, or business news media (for example, the Wall Street Journal).
Requirements: atleast 10 pages

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