Evaluate the argument in the following letter to the editor. State your judgment

Evaluate the argument in the following letter to the editor. State your judgment and support it thoroughly. You may use scripture to back up your argument, but consider if it will help or hurt your stance if your audience is not Christian._Dear Editor: __I enjoyed your recent series of articles on religious views. I believe religious values occupy the central place in one’s being. Today an increasing number of young people are giving up their religion because of the vocal skepticism of those who find religious values too restrictive. If more of us who do believe in religious values were as vocal, the young would surely see the relevance of religion and not be so easily deceived by those who wish to mislead them. It is fashionable today among so- called humanists to place people’s reason above religious faith. They say a per-son must follow his or her own lights, affirm what he or she believes is true. But are they really so open- minded and humble as that view makes them seem? I think not. For underneath that view lies the fact that they exalt their own judgment. When they accept the word of an authority, it is only because they agree with that authority. And they do not accept one authority without, by that very acceptance, rejecting other authorities. In short, they are super egotists who refuse to accept what transcends their understanding and who try to fit God into their understanding. Their efforts are in vain, for God will not fit into the finite mind. A god who can be understood by human beings is no god at all, but a poor imitation. I do not believe that any intelligent, honest person can place his or her confidence in human intelligence and reason. Human learning is too sparse and fragmentary to warrant such trust. Human knowledge and understanding change all too quickly. Yesterday’s theories gather dust in the attics of libraries, and history judges all things mercilessly. But the Bible, God’s own word, remains. It stands as an immutable beacon to all who love the truth. One need only put aside his or her probing and questioning and doubting, become like the little children, and accept it. __Sincerely yours,Mrs. Joan Truly_Answer the discussion prompt with an initial response of 300 or more words, and then respond to at least two peers with a quality comment that consists of 150 words and expresses a critical thought process.INITIAL POST MUST BE ADDED BY WEDNESDAY TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR POST. REPLIES MUST BE POSTED BY SUNDAY AT 11:59 PM.
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