Hello,Please do a report in 900 words and add references at the end of the docum

Hello,Please do a report in 900 words and add references at the end of the documentPurposeThe purpose of this portfolio topic is to familiarize you with wireless networking environment and the various tools that are available to help practitioners effectively plan and deploy Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN).The Application Process1. Perform a literature review or an Internet search on wireless site survey, wireless interference, wireless access, and wireless networks. Use IEEE style for your citations.2. Download CommView for WiFi (https://www.tamos.com/download/main/ca.php) and WirelessNetView (https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wifi_information_view.html) and install them on a laptop computer.3. Run the tools and familiarize yourself with all the terms that appear on the GUI. Such terms include, among others, SSID, TX/RX, IP, MAC, dBm, and RSSI. You should describe these in your report. Collect as much data as possible on differentscenarios/environments (home, school, or commercial establishments that are equipped with WiFi). Analyze the data collected and determine the relevancy of each available data item.4. Describe how the tool can be utilized ina. searching for WiFi networksb. managing and troubleshooting WiFi connectionsc. verifying WiFi coveraged. locating WiFi devices, ande. detecting rogue APsGuidelines given in attached PDF
Requirements: 900 words   |   .doc file

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