I unfortunately could not make a folder on Classes which only you all can view.

I unfortunately could not make a folder on Classes which only you all can view. If I had it open to everyone I know there would be a lot of confusion so I am emailing you the materials instead. Please upload the completed labs to Classes under Lab Documents for the corresponding lab. You do not have to do the online lab questions though since they are meant for the labs on classes. Please complete the pre lab quizzes still and use the materials on classes for each lab to prepare.Attached you will see 4 labs – Lab 3 on Minerals, Lab 4 on Igneous Rocks, Lab 5 on Sedimentary Rocks, and Lab 6 on Metamorphic Rocks. I numbered them this way so that they match our course; however, I took some materials from a textbook I found online which have the lab numbers a bit different. Please ignore the numbers within the documents (for example, if you click on what I labeled as Lab 5 you’ll see that it says Lab 6 on the first page. Treat it as Lab 5).Also attached you’ll see some rock or mineral charts. These are what I want you to fill out for the lab portion. You’ll have to identify some rocks or minerals and record their properties according to the terms discussed in the lecture section of the class and in the lab reading. The documents that are not rock or mineral charts contain extra information that may help you with the lab; however, you do not need to complete any activities you may see at the end of them. Here are the links you’ll need to identify the rocks and minerals online for the lab assignments:Lab 3 Minerals Website – https://omg.georockme.com/unknown-samplesLab 4 Minerals Website – https://igg.georockme.com/unknownsLab 5 Minerals Website – https://seg.georockme.com/unknownsLab 6 Minerals Website – https://meg.georockme.com/unknowns*You’ll notice that for each sample in the website they have videos of some important tests so you can identify the mineral or rockHere are the samples you’ll be identifying:Lab 3 Minerals to Identify – A1 , A3 , A4 , A5 , A6 , A7 , A8 , A9 , A13 , A14 , A15 , A18 , A19 , A20 , A25 , A28 , A29Lab 4 Rocks to Identify – A01, A02, A03, A05, A07, A08, A10, A12, A16Lab 5 Rocks to Identify – A01, A02, A03, A04, A05, A06, A07, A08, A09, A11Lab 6 Rocks to Identify – A01, A02, A03, A04, A05, A06, A07, A08I am sure you will have questions along the way so please feel free to ask. I will probably send out info to you all periodically. Please save this email and all the attachments! Additional labs will come as I prepare them and decide what to do for each.
Requirements: 12hours   |   .doc file

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