By this week, you should have completed data collection on at least 30 participa

By this week, you should have completed data collection on at least 30 participants who met the qualifications to complete the survey (e.g., at least 18 years or older, have other specific characteristics that make them a member of the population you intended to study).The data for your short survey should be entered into the Excel database that you created last week. With this data set, complete the following:Calculate descriptive statistics for your main independent and other variables you have collected information on (example: demographic variables).Create a bar chart for the participants’ gender and ethnicity.
Create a histogram for participants’ age.
Calculate descriptive statistics for your dependent variable.
Create a summary table of your descriptive statistics.Hint: For categorical variables, you should be calculating frequencies and percentages; for continuous variables, you should be calculating means and standard deviations.
Use one hypothesis-testing statistic that examines the relationship between your independent variable and dependent variable. Hint: This test should be one of the following—independent samples t-test, paired t-test, one-way ANOVA, or Pearson’s chi-squared test.
Write the null and alternate hypotheses.
What is the calculated statistic value?
What is the p and critical statistic value?
Is the p-value significant? Is calculated statistic value greater than critical value?
What is your conclusion
FROM LAST WEEK My professor made some changes to assignment you help me with
IntroductionHealthcare facilities need to have a conducive working environment to enable healthcare workers to offer maximum and high-quality services to patients. However, in some unfortunate instances, health care workers may be subjected to an unfriendly working environment in various ways, such as increased workload, longer working hours, and an unfriendly working environment. This study, therefore, tries to answer whether occupational stress may have an impact on the mental health status of healthcare workers. Therefore, the research question of this study is “How does occupational stress impact healthcare worker’s communication?” This study is guided by the hypothesis that occupational stress leads to the deterioration of nurse’s physical and mental health status, while it is negatively affecting the adoption of good practices concerning nurses’ caring behaviors.Dependent variableCommunication patterns among healthcare workers.PopulationHealthcare workersSampling StrategyThe objective of this study is to assess occupational stress among healthcare workers. In this regard, the study would be done on as many healthcare workers as possible through, and the collection and analysis of data be done through cluster sampling. IndependentOccupationIntroduction Hello, I am a student at the college of Nursing at West Coast University. I am conducting a study on occupational stress and communication patterns. Please complete this 20- minute survey. Your responses are anonymous, and you can skip any questions you are not comfortable with. This study is voluntary. You are free to accept or turn down the invitation. Thank you for your participation.
Demographic Questions
1. Gender2. Age3. Ethnicity4. Location5. Education6. Marital Status
Survey Questions1. How often do you find work to be stressful?
0) Never 1) Sometimes 2) Frequently 4) Always
2. Do you usually feel that there is mutual respect between you and your coworkers?
0) Never 1) Sometimes 2) Frequently 4) Always
3. While on duty, how often do you feel like you need extra communication?
0) Never 1) Sometimes 2) Frequently 4) Always
4How do you find the communication amongst the employees?
0) Terrible 1) Needs Intervention 2) Okay 4) Great
5.How do you find the communication between the supervision team and the employees?
0) Terrible 1) Needs Intervention 2) Okay 4) Great
6. How do you find your supervisor? Is he/she honest with you?
0) Never 1) Sometimes 2) Frequently 4) Always
7. Do you think that communication is a big deal in this health care facility? If so, how?
8. What are the changes you would wish them implemented?
9. If you happen to have a problem at work, do you talk to your supervisor concerning the problem?
Do you feel understood?
10. Do you think that by talking to the supervisor, such a problem gets solved?
0) Never 1) Sometimes 2) Frequently 4) Always
Requirements: answer all questions please   |   .doc file

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