10 Strategic Points Table PICOT Question: For postpartum mothers 18 years and ol

10 Strategic Points Table PICOT Question: For postpartum mothers 18 years and older in the Center for Women and Child Health (CWCH) at Bangladash, will the implementation of Mobile Phone Support (MPS) increase exclusive breastfeeding compared to the current practice over a six week period? (Use this table to complete the 10 Strategic Points document for your project.) The 10 Strategic Points Broad Topic Area Broad Topic Area/Title of Project:
Literature Review:
Problem Statement:
Clinical/PICOT Questions:
Sample (and Location):
Define Variables and Level of Measurement:
Literature Review Background of the Problem/Gap:
Theoretical Foundations (models and theories to be foundation for the project):
Review of Literature with Key Organizing Themesand Sub-themes(Identify at least two themes, with three sub-themes per theme)
Theme1 (placeholder only; name theme): Sub-theme 1 Grouped findings related to Theme 1 Sub-theme 2 Sub-theme 3 Gap/Problem:
Prior studies:
Quantitative application:
Significance: Problem Statement It was not known if or to what degree the implementation of __________________would impact ______________ when compared to _______________ among ___________ (population). Clinical/ PICOT Questions To what degree does the implementation of _______________ (intervention) impacts __________________ (what) when compared to _____________ among _____________ (population) patients in a ______ (setting) in _______ (state) over four-weeks? Sample a.Location: Urban/Rural (State) b.Population (Participants) c.Sample: Specify the sample size desired and perform a power analysis if appropriate. d.Inclusion Criteria Who can participate?
Who cannot participate?
e.Exclusion Criteria Define Variables Independent Variable (Intervention):
Dependent Variable:
Methodology and Design Methodology and Design: Purpose Statement Purpose Statement: The purpose of this quantitative, quasi-experimental project was to determine if or to what degree the implementation of _________________ (intervention) would impact ______________(what) when compared to _______________________ among ___________(population)in a ________ (setting ie: primary care clinic, ER, OR) in ________ (state) ___ time. Data Collection Approach Data Collection Approach: Data Analysis Approach Data Analysis Approach: References APA formatted sources.
Requirements: see instruction   |   .doc file

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