The group is required to study an organization. The project work should not be a

The group is required to study an organization. The project work should not be a pure description of the company, but should also involve critical evaluation and/or identification of key issues. The following are some guidelines for the project:1. Select an industry in which you are interested (i.e.: consumer goods, industrial goods, travel, postal, health care, entertainment, finance, retail, etc.).2. Select a leading business in your field of interest. For example, in the travel industry, you might select an airline, a cruise line, a tourism bureau, a hotel chain, a travel agency, a car rental firm or a resort/destination.3. Prepare a critical evaluation of the organization that you have chosen. Some of the criteria for evaluation are: At whom is this product / service targeted? What is the product / service concept, stated in terms of results produced for the customer? How is it being positioned in relation to customer needs and competitive offerings? What is the level of customer satisfaction? How is it managing the marketing mix? What are your recommendations on its strategies on segmentation, targeting and positioning and marketing mix?4. Conduct a comparative analysis between the leader you have chosen and a company (or companies) within the industry that does not enjoy the same success. What strengths and weaknesses do you find in their marketing efforts? How have their efforts enhanced or hindered the company’s image and success?5. Your analysis should use the concepts developed during the course where appropriate.6. The write-up should not exceed 10 pages excluding appendices (as per the same format suggested for case write-up).
Requirements: 6 pages

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