Response GuidelinesRespond to at least two peers. In your response, focus on any

Response GuidelinesRespond to at least two peers. In your response, focus on any issues that your peer has identified that the organization has not. Speculate as to why these issues might be visible to your peer but not to the organization, and give an example from your own project.Student post down below:The data shows that although families highly perceives Youth Villages services as effective, while actively enrolled. The data tell us that most families struggle with managing the youth’s behaviors independently in the home after discharging from services. The data also suggest that staff are carrying high caseloads that experience reoccurring high intensity incidents. The overall goal for the company is to not exceed 2% in serious incidents (serious incidents includes runaway, injuries to youth, law enforcement involvement, staff injuries, CPS investigations, etc). Since the 2016, excluding July 2020, the organization has experienced an average of 2.5% incidents a year. In addition, to this staff should not exceed 100% of caseload however staff carries 105% of case on average a year. The increased critical and case overload for staff may lead to staff burnout which contributes to the high turnover number for the company. The overall goal for turnover a month should not exceed, however the company has an average of 4.01% of staff turnover a month. After review of the data there are several gaps as the data does not provide description around the specific questions asked to staff and/or families. This information would be critical in identifying further themes, etc.Data GroupingsAttached is the data is group based upon participants and variable relating to the participant. The first grouping highlights data relating directly to staff. The data shows that staff carry high caseload and that staff frequently leave the organization.
Requirements: minimum 150 words

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