Name the three factors that determine whether or not a person experiences a cris

Name the three factors that determine whether or not a person experiences a crisis in response to a stressful situation.
What is the goal of crisis intervention?
What is the definition of diagnostic overshadowing?
What is the definition of social distancing?
What are the symptoms of a person with agoraphobia?
What is the primary nursing intervention for a person in panic anxiety?
What are the elements that determine one’s response (and subsequent adjustment) to a stressful situation?
What is associated with the onset of an adjustment disorder?
How do alternative medicine and complementary medicine differ?
Caring for Patients With Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders in General Practice Settings
Identify the following key terms associated with caring for patients with mental illness and substance use disorders in general practice settings with the descriptions or definitions listed below.a. diagnostic overshadowingb. patient-centered carec. screeningd. SBIRTe. social distancingf. stigmatizationg. suicide preventionh. trauma-informed care_____ 1. A concept that requires nurses and other healthcare professionals to listen to and empower the patient in decision making around his or her care and establish a collaborative partnership_____ 2. An attitude of devaluing a person because of a particular characteristic or illness_____ 3. An evidence-based approach referring to screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment_____ 4. A phenomenon in which a person’s physical symptoms are attributed to his or her mental illness_____ 5. Methods of assessment for suicide risk and for differentiating betweensuicide ideation and attempts_____ 6. Care that assesses for and demonstrates sensitivity to the impact of trauma history oncurrent behavior and relationships in every aspect of nursing intervention_____ 7. The identification of clinically significant symptoms that require further assessmentand intervention_____ 8. An aspect of stigma that refers to the tendency of healthcare workers and others to avoid people with mental illness or addiction. ***** APA style citation (sources should not be more than 5 year old)
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