I’m working on a marketing question and need guidance to help me learn.Task: Foc

I’m working on a marketing question and need guidance to help me learn.Task: Focusing on the same chocolate confectionery brand of your choice, your task is prepare a 3,000 word report to analyse the external environment of the company, identifying opportunities in the UK market that they can act upon – as well as the threats that they need to avoid – finally proposing a new (or modified or extended) product or service for the brands portfolio. Element 011 marking criteria:External Evaluation (60% of the marks) External analysis of two of the sub-markets within the chocolate industry (use the brief to help you identify these sub-markets). Using appropriate marketing models, such as PEST, Porters Five Forces- Benchmarking, competitor analysis.
Recommendation (40% of the marks) Taking into account the internal and external analyses conducted, recommend a new product or service (or modification/improvement or expansion of an existing product/service) for the company. Using appropriate marketing models such as SWOT, product portfolio analysis. Discuss the following:- The justified details of the new proposed product/service- The opportunity this is responding to- The target market- The marketing activities best suited to reaching the intended target audience/s and how it will make the product or service relevant to society today.
Requirements: 200   |   .doc file

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