Using the studies by Combs, apply the knowledge of the ideology of terrorist gro

Using the studies by Combs, apply the knowledge of the ideology of terrorist groups to the following assignment.To complete this class discussion, review all the incidents Below…. 
Write a review on one of the 4 events and answer all of these questions.
Questions If a group is exercising its right to self-determination, does this give it theright to commit a wrong against other persons? To what extent is one justified in committinga wrong in order to secure a right? Is there ever a time in which, as some have argued,the needs of the many—for example, to secure the right of self-determination or  freedom—can be said to outweigh the needs of the few—the victims of the violence? Consider and discuss the following incidents, keeping in mind several questions: Were these acts of terrorism? For what cause were they committed? Were they in any sense justified?                                                                                                              Incidents   1. Assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Shot to death by a man who feltthat the rights of the minority of which he was a part were being cruelly ignored in the carving up of Europe. Ferdinand’s death precipitated the events leading up to World War I. His death was in some ways the catalyst to that calamity.2. Assassination of Anwar Sadat. Shot by men who felt that he had betrayed the Arabsby his willingness to establish a peaceful relationship with Israel, Sadat’s death slowed down considerably the peace process in the Middle East. His successor,Hosni Mubarak, was understandably reluctant to take similar unpopular steps.3.Bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Lebanon. Carried out by militants who regarded the U.S. military presence in Lebanon as an invasive influence in their civil war, this attack resulted in over 200 deaths and the diminishing of the U.S. presence in that war-torn country. Syrian and Israeli influence and presence remain strong in Lebanon’s territory, however.4.Bombing of Hiroshima. Carried out by U.S. bombers carrying atomic weapons, this attack was designed to bring a quick halt to the devastating war in the Pacific. It did indeed achieve this, at the cost of countless thousands of Japanese civilian.

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